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BibleLightning is a free, lightning fast KJV Bible study program, featuring the King James Version and over 240 000 cross references, with a lightweight, easy to use and intuitive interface

John 3:16 in BibleLightning pure Bible study software

Built for speed and portability

Chart showing the difference in boot time between popular Bible study programs. BibleLightning is the fastest

Tired of those bloatware Bible programs? Look no further. BibleLightning has the fastest boot time of all Bible programs, it has a lightning fast search engine and is under 10 MB in size. Small enough to fit on any pendrive.

Ideal for preparing sermons

Copy & paste

BibleLightning is a pure Bible study program that makes copy and paste easy

Just select a verse to copy it to the clipboard. It is as simple as that.

Search like the web

BibleLightning is an easy Bible study program that provides powerful search capabilities

BibleLightning lets you search the Bible like you’d search the web. Easy, but with powerful options: search within certain Bible books, chapters and even within the search results itself.

Reliable and pure Bible study

BibleLightning provides the most reliable and majestic Bible translation, the KJV. This Bible is not copyrighted, so you can quote it whereever you like.

BibleLightning provides the text of the Bible and a quarter million cross references. Nothing else. No junk, just the Bible.

Intuitive. Revolutionary. Everything’s just one click away

Overview of using BibleLightning
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